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The Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) is a unique alliance to integrate data sharing and collaborative learning to accelerate cancer research and care. ORIEN was founded by the Moffitt Cancer Center and The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center in May 2014, and now includes 17 members (ORIENCancer.org). The foundation of the alliance is the common Total Cancer Care® (TCC) protocol, a longitudinal surveillance study of cancer patients, which allows for lifetime consent to access clinical data, perform laboratory analysis of specimens, and the ability to re-contact the patient. Following patient consent, patients agree with the Member Institution to three basic principles:

  1. Follow the patient throughout their lifetime permitting sharing of data and information.
  2. Study the patient’s specimens
  3. Maintain contact with the patient.

The ORIEN Avatar Research Program was launched in 2016, which generates molecular (NGS) data on patients with high risk cancers and links longitudinal clinical data throughout a patient’s lifetime to learn and anticipate patient needs. With ORIEN Avatar, the pace of development can be accelerated by taking a proactive approach to study the molecular and clinical nature of a patient’s disease and anticipating needs for clinical trials. The results: reduced timelines, reduced costs and better outcomes for patients.

Through ORIEN, members collect and share clinical data and specimens for analysis and have access to robust molecular data to foster and enable translational research. M2Gen Opens in a new window has developed a network data model system to integrate data from multiple sources and institutions to support team science and address complex problems. Centrally managed by M2Gen Opens in a new window, the ORIEN system provides the ability to identify patients for target-based clinical trials, and to query the data system to conduct research projects.

ORIEN’s Patient Advisory Council supports the position that patients enrolled in the Total Cancer Care Protocol be informed of the necessity for data sharing and fostering collaboration among top scientists to promote progress in cancer care. The Advisory Council also endorses the development of a “forum” for patient education and how their donated data is being studied to support cancer research. As a means of “giving back” to patients who have consented to TCC, enrollment of patients in the Total Cancer Care Protocol offers patients increased probability of being matched to the most appropriate, precise, clinical trial.

Key Dates

April 4, 2018 Request for Application Issued
May 9, 2018 Letter of Intent (LOI) Due by 5:00 pm ET
May 30, 2018 Invitation to Apply Notification Sent to LOI Submitters
July 18, 2018 ORIEN NOVA Award Applications Due by 5:00 pm ET
August 29, 2018 ORIEN NOVA Award Peer Review Subcommittee Concludes Review & Selection
August 31, 2018 ORIEN NOVA Award Recipients Notified & Announced
September 1, 2018 ORIEN NOVA Funding Award Period Begins

ORIEN NOVA Funding Opportunity
Pre-submission Letter of Intent Form

Investigators from ORIEN Member institutions are invited to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) for an ORIEN NOVA Award by May 9, 2018. Pre-submission LOIs will be reviewed by the ORIEN NOVA Award Peer Review Subcommittee for feasibility and scientific impact. Selected LOIs will be solicited for a full application.

NOVA Award applications are limited to ORIEN Member teams of two (2) or more member institutions. Applications may include co-principal investigators from multiple institutions, however, only one letter of intent should be submitted per project by the designated principal investigator for the project.

Pre-submission LOIs should be submitted using the LOI Form below and a supplemental narrative of no more than two (2) pages should be attached describing the following:

M2Gen will provide support to the NOVA applicant teams in gathering the feasibility data needed for the Letter of Intent. Questions or assistance with Letters of Intent can be sent to ORIENprojects@m2gen.com.

NOVA Award Principal Investigator

NOVA Award Co-principal Investigator

List the name, title, rank, address, email, and phone for each additional investigator.

Project Information

Please enter a project summary/abstract. Your project summary should be no more than 2 pages in length and include the information outlined above.

File must be of type .pdf only.

For assistance with the letter of intent (LOI), please contact ORIENprojects@m2gen.com.